The Unifor Pilots Association of Canada promotes fairness, aviation safety and diversity for every member and acts as a strong and united organizing voice in the workplace. We serve the needs of members, local unions, officers and staff through dynamic resources and services as part of the largest aviation sector unions in Canada, having the political power to push for change.

The Unifor Pilots Association of Canada (UPAC) was established in 2021 by Unifor Local 7378’s Cargojet Chairman Mike Power and Sunwing President Barret Armann to better serve and support the 1,000 pilots we represent.

Unifor represents approximately 17,000 Canadians working in the Aviation Industry, including nearly 1,000 pilots from seven diverse airlines across Canada, including Pascan Aviation Inc., Cargojet, Exploits Valley Air Services, Flair Airlines, Rise Air, Sunwing and Propair.

For Canadian pilots, the Unifor advantage is clear. UPAC provides airline safety, security and pilot assistance. We make sure our pilots are strongly represented – at the bargaining table and through advocacy in the media and with government. We ensure our pilots have a voice.

Unifor, Canada’s largest private sector union with more than 315,000 members, has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with its pilots and the airline industry during COVID-19 and will continue to do so as the road to recovery unfolds.

Our National Recovery Plan for the Aviation Sector includes financial support to maintain employment, a plan to safely re-open borders and a focus on ending precarious work and promoting the public good going forward. We saw some wins throughout the pandemic and never let up advocating for the industry and making sure the needs of airline workers were known to government.

We’re a Canadian union that has tirelessly fought for airline workers over the last year by holding rallies, news conferences, lobbying cabinet ministers, posting news releases, and even producing paid video ads.

Our pilots are part of Unifor’s Aviation Council, but having the UPAC allows them to work together to develop policy and goals specific to pilots while also working with other industry groups to make change in the aviation sector.