Doug Best


Aviation sector

Doug Best is the President of Unifor Local 5454, the Canadian Air Traffic Control Association and he chairs Unifor’s Aviation Industry Council. In 1997, he began his career as an Air Traffic Controller in Yellowknife Tower. From there, he moved to Calgary Tower and then Toronto Tower. Doug has been an Executive Board member since 2007, serving as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Out of university, Doug started his career with the Canadian Revenue Agency and learned the difference between management and leadership, managements’ rights and workers’ rights. This drew him to union activism.

Doug has held various positions on the Branch Councils from Steward to Branch Chair. He has been involved in thirteen successful rounds of collective bargaining with SERCO, Transport Canada, and NAV Canada. He has been a leader in the protection of rights, an advocate for new initiatives, an innovative solutions-focused leader. More importantly, he helps provide a better collaborative working environment for his 2,000 members and with the other locals in the aviation sector.



Barret Armann


President, Unifor Local 7378
Unifor Pilots Association of Canada

As President of Unifor Local 7378, representing more than 450 pilots at Sunwing Airlines, Barret is at the front of Canadian airline pilots’ rights, working conditions and safety.

Barret began as other pilots in the country did, working for small operators before graduating to Canada’s number one vacation charter airline in 2013, Sunwing Airlines, where he’s since been a pilot. In 2016, Barret started his journey in Unifor’s work.

“Since the beginning of my aviation career more than 20 years ago, I noticed the inequalities and difficult conditions at small and large operators,” he said. “I promised I would work towards change. I love working in a team environment just like we do when we fly. I hold true the vision of what a union is – all for one and one for all.”

As an active industry lobbyist not only for Sunwing pilots, but pilots in the whole industry, during COVID-19, Barret spent that time fighting for his industry, reaching across the table in solidarity to other groups to ensure the sector was supported during unprecedented challenges. He truly believes “it’s about all of us, not one of us.”

Barret is vocal about equality, worker rights and striving for a better industry for all Canadian pilots.

“It’s time we lead the industry and its pilots to a better future as our brothers and sisters did before us,” he said.

He resides in Vancouver, B.C. with his husband of 17 years.



Mike Power


Unifor Local 7378
Cargojet Chairman
Unifor Pilots Association of Canada

Captain Mike Power serves as director with the Unifor Pilots Association of Canada. He is currently serving his second term as Chairman of Cargojet’s local Master Executive Council (MEC).

Mike has been flying for close to 30 years and has held various roles with unions including the MEC with multiple companies.

He is based in Hamilton, Ont., flying both Boeing 757 and 767 and resides in Halifax, N.S., with his wife and two children.