Being a large and diverse national union such as Unifor means having access to many internal resources and capacity to speak to legislators, employer associations, trade groups, media and regulators about the unique needs of our members. In short, Unifor has clout.

Unifor Pilots

We’ve created an e-brochure that outlines what Unifor offers specifically to pilots, including access to loss of license insurance, our “Red Card” to access emergency services quickly and efficiently and a peer-to-peer program for pilots. This is on top of tenacious advocacy for air transportation, strong legal and bargaining power and a union that fights for fair wages, work rules, safety regulations and respect for pilots.

Loss of License Insurance

Unifor wanted to ensure pilots were covered by a loss of license program that covers members upwards to $750,000 in the event they lose their medicals. Even a slight medical deficiency could potential mean a pilot gets grounded. It takes years of hard work and money for aircrew to get their flying license to become a pilot. But if they are prevented from flying because of serious injury or deterioration in health this form of disability insurance can take the burden and stress away from losing their income during periods of loss of medical qualification and/or permanent loss of medical qualification.

Unifor “Red Card”

A program developed by Local 7378 to easily access emergency services quickly and efficiently. The way the card works is that a member in trouble calls the number and a team of specialists respond and include the Master Executive Council, Unifor Representative and Unifor to assist and provide what is needed to protect our Pilots. Your Unifor Local Rep will brief individual Locals on its use. Download a copy to see more

Peer-to-Peer Program for Pilots

Unifor is in the midst of developing a peer-to-peer pilots’ program to help pilots struggling with addiction issues, such as alcohol or drug use and financial or personal problems.

Health, Vision and Dental Plans

Having access to health and dental coverage is an important part of increasing the working and living conditions for Canadian workers. Unifor bargains comprehensive health, vision and dental plans with employers.

Pension and Government Benefits

All workers deserve a dignified retirement. The Pension and Benefits Department provides expertise in bargaining pension and benefit plans. This department is an instrumental part of Unifor's campaigns to safeguard and improve Canada's social safety net for all Canadians. The department supports the union's efforts to protect and enhance the Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, Medicare and Employment Insurance.


Unifor's Education Department offers programs ranging from one day to four weeks running in the workplace, in communities across the country and at our Port Elgin Family Education Centre. These programs are key to building a stronger union, envisioning the world we want to live in and developing the skills and strategies that will take us there.

To check out our Education department’s current programs and schedule, click here.

Communications and Research

Unifor has a robust Communications Department to keep you in the loop, and make sure that the rest of the country knows your story, so no bad boss gets away with mistreatment of workers.

The Research Department provides cutting edge information and analysis on wages, economic conditions and workplace issues needed for collective bargaining and campaigns.


Our Legal Department defends and protects the interests of our members across Canada. Our broad practice reflects Unifor’s diverse membership. The department’s work includes labour and employment, equity and human rights, pensions, insolvency, administrative law, and health and safety. Our lawyers regularly appear before a variety of administrative tribunals and courts. We also contribute to legislative reform submissions and we deliver educational programs to members, leaders and others.


The Unifor Research Department provides information and analysis on wages, economic conditions and workplace issues needed for collective bargaining. The research department also provides analysis and economic facts for our campaigns and public presentations and delivers speedy, accurate, information to the local unions.